Friday, October 12, 2007

My new car Toyota Landcruiser Prado

It is exactly one year since I came over to ME. Own car is a necessity here to move around. The
weather does not permit much of walking around...

Car Purchase is always a big decision. It is 'big' not only for the financial part of it, but also
it becomes an important part of our life. It later on grows on you... :) Family loves it, especially kid(s). For parents and elders, it is a sign of success ! For me, my car is second wife.

I took my own time to get a local licence. Then, went around for few months in rent-a-cars, to familiarise myself with the routes and of course,the traffic ! It also gave me opportunity to try out some good Car-models. Then started the evaluation of cars to decide on the model to buy.

The parameters on which I evaluated were: budget/re-sale value/hassle-free performance/good airconditioning/ a top & popular brand. But, one things was clear, I would buy SUV only. Just as the process of going through a journey is as interesting as reaching destination, the evaluation process was fun. I looked at all possible options: internet, brochures/magazines, car dealer-friends, experts from auto industry, advice from friends ( got loads of it !), etc.

At the end of this month-long process, I have gone ahead with a Toyota Landcruiser Prado VX3. It took care of all my parameters, though a shade above my budget. It is definitely one of more prominent brands and enjoys high resale value. Most importantly, it comes from Toyota staple. I have heard & read so much about Toyota quality. I look forward to my own Toyota experience. Hope they don't dissappoint me... But then, my first experience has been nothing less than a wonderful driving experience.


GOPIVIJI said...

One of the parameters u missed out was peer pressure to own a Prado or should i say "peer feedback based on experience". Congrats on making the best choice one could have made. Toyota is defenitely value for money and a pleasurable ownership experience.

CVS said...

indeed... I missed out