Sunday, February 14, 2010

Confessions of a Toyota Fan

Fishing in Troubled waters?As per reports, other cars' dealers in US are trying to reach out to the Toyota customers by offering $1,000 cash back for a switch. This includes GM, Ford, Nissan and Chrysler. With additional recall in the form of  Pickup, for Toyota it continues to be a slide down.... But, knowing Toyota, they will rise and come back from this crisis stronger and live up to their reputation as a quality car manufacturer.

Met couple of friends here at  some of the other leading car dealerships, in Middle East. They are not in a mood to try and swing the public opinion in their favour. Reasons are - Toyota is too strong a brand in ME. Also, they are concerned if their own models would get into this recall whirlpool. After all, the component suppliers are quite common to many manufacturers.

Hence, sharing their concern, it is imperative Toyota comes out of this asap, with minimum further PR damage. The car industry, world over, need this not so small stimulus in the form of quality and safety of cars...
While it is a dream and passion for many to own and drive a car, safety is one of the fundamental aspect of a car!

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B V S said...

Mine is 2003 model Corolla, definitely not in the recall list. And yet I had some accelerator problem an year ago, strange one..and I suddenly feel a loss of control in high accelerations (not speeds).

What to say? We cant be really sure....