Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Confessions of a Toyota Fan

Interesting comparison how Japanese/Toyota handles the recall and an american manufacturer would have done. With all respects to American auto industry, it is definitely the fear of deluge of legal cases that may be preventing them from taking 'a honest' stand. Though Toyota top brass is blamed for the delayed apology, 'better late than never'. Hopefully they will ensure this does not recur.

What surprises the car lover is the confession: 
"Up to now, we had been saying that the rapid expansion was in response to customer needs – that it was inevitable," Akio Toyoda said. "I think the company's sales expanded faster than we were able to train personnel."
Isn't training an integral part of 'Toyota-Way'?

This may open up opportunities for other manufacturers. A survey in US has quoted over 80 % will switch to American brands. But, as Ford dealer in Middle East shared confidentially, 'you don't know, what holds for them in future' ! No one is above suspicion now... It will do well to all other brands to scale up their quality focus

'Intelligent are those, who learn from others' mistakes', says The Master

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