Friday, May 21, 2010


One of the most talked about topics in recent past, in KSA, would be the new traffic system ( Saher).

We have seen so many reports, including that of international agencies, indicating  KSA had one of highest accident rates. That would automatically translate to deaths/injuries, with its effect on families and friends. A young population, good roads, comparatively lower price of cars, thanks to very low duties/taxes, etc may be the reasons. Saher was an idea which was just 'what doctor would have prescribed', literally and otherwise :)

As I earn my bread from the automotive industry, this topic has come up for discussion several times.

  • While a friend became too cautious at the signal and his car was hit from behind
  • Over-speeding and jumping signals were presumed to be the most common 'errors'! 
  • Even if you stop at signal, but on 'zebra-crossing', it is a violation.
The fact it is quite automated, this is here to stay. And that is the real good news. As we get fined, we will become more compliant. 

But, one common point of discussion is we all need to be doing these even without the electronic-policing. As responsible drivers, it is our minimum duty. But, we forget about our responsibility. Most of us end up of violating, only the degree of violation varies. Just rushing past when yellow light blinked is a violation too, a very common one. 

We just need to be more aware of our traffic responsibility and driving around with that awareness... Happy & Safe Driving...

PS: If we were conscious of our similar responsibility and extend same to all our thoughts, words and deeds, this world would be a better place. In that case, Saher could be our inner consciousness... Food for thought!

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