Wednesday, October 27, 2010

VW on course to reach the summit

VW is set to hit the no 1 slot, in sales and profitability by 2018 - DAS AUTO !

They are set to hit a new high, much more than last years record 6.29 mn cars & SUV

They will have to scale up their volumes in key markets such as India and Middle East (ME). Recently I checked with few friends here in ME about the newly launched 2011 Touareg. The response was on the familiar lines, low on re-sale value, popularity, et al... Toyota/Lexus is way ahead of the competition here.

In India too, VW has a token presence, as of now. To take on Suzukis/Tatas/Hyundais, lot of hard work....!

VW closing in on Toyota - Courtesy ET, India

PS : Volkswagen means "people's car" in German. Its current slogan is Das Auto (in EnglishThe Car). Among its largest owners are the Porche family, the Emirate of Qatar and the state of Lower Saxony ( Wikipedia)

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