Thursday, February 10, 2011

IBM's "Next Five in Five"

It was interesting to note the Next Five...

  1. Beaming up your friends in 3D - which means we will spend more time on-line ==> less time off line, more obesity, et al... !
  2. Batteries that breathe air to power devices - we desperately need better battery technology to minimise the pollution 
  3. Computers helping energising cities
  4. commutes that are personalised... 
  5. but what caught my attention was ORDINARY PEOPLE SAVING THE PLANET
This is most urgent need of the hour. If we depend on orgns, governments or media to dictate the pace ( or lack of it) implementation, we may need to migrate to another planet sooner than we imagined. The common man has to take the responsibility and the initiative. Each one of holds the future of our planet. 

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