Friday, March 25, 2011

Why do we buy Luxury cars ?

I always wondered why we spend extra money ( also loan-installments/interest) to buy a luxury car, when a much lower segment can fulfill the purpose.
Safety is definitely one of the reasons why we buy expensive cars. But, not just safety...

check out :
The linen shirt from Adam Smith is an good example.
NDTV recently carried a report how our neta (of 'aam admis'!) sport a Mont Blanc pen!

Why ??  for the 'social' reasons/peer pressure/et al ! ( blame it elsewhere!)
But it works as a Marketing Placebo... it enhances out performance, born out of our superiority complex!!
Interesting... !

PS - all the more reasons for the world to practice 'Ceiling on Desires, to Live SSpiritually!

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