Sunday, July 17, 2011

Audi in ME

A friend here ( in Middle east) says, if you drive an Audi, you can not drive any other car. 
In my spiritual pursuit, I am trying to go beyond brand, luxury, et al !
Frankly I am scared to ‘upgrade’ to Audi. Don’t want to get hooked to one more brand in life !

Another friend tried to get out of ‘Apple’ addiction, IPhone, ITouch, IPad.. But was not able to & conceded defeat, with humility. Apple a day would have kept doctor away, partially at least J

Some numbers on Audi's performance, for Middle East, comprising 12 markets:
·         3725 cars sold in H1-2011
·         1531 in UAE, 681 in KSA
·         Best selling models : Audi Q7 (863 units), A8 L (613 units) and Q5 (588 units), followed by A4 and A6

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