Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 mores essential to entrepreneurship

Came across an inspiring report on the concluding session of GCF held here recently...

Delivering the keynote address, the former S Korean PM, Un-Chang said '3 mores were essential to creating a society of educated people who can aspire to a hopeful future'.

Some global brands emerged from the erstwhile chaebols - Samsung phone & TV, LG across consumer durables, Hyundai/Kia cars, to name a few... As such he has seen it all... and hence his views surely very relevant & also, appropriate, in the current situation.

1. More Open - open mindedness, along with knowledge, was critical to entrepreneurship. Society should be open to new ideas to emerge to create a climate of entrepreneurship !
2. Confidence - the 'right' sense of confidence... needs no elaboration at all !
3. Compassion - Mr Chung noted, 'the rational market, by its very nature, was not concerned with social justice and fairness. Capitalism should be rooted in sound ethics, but the economic system in the last couple of decades has not talked about ethics'... :(

Drop in practise of  ethics, fairness and social justice have been the bane of most of ills of society. . . 

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