Saturday, February 4, 2012

BCCI now be sahara

Sahara has opted out of cricket sponsorship, after 11 year old association with the game, at the top level in India.   Cricket is the ‘sahara’ for the average Indian fan, with Sachin, Veeru, MSD etc being their idols. Sachin’s 100th ton is a more fascinating milestone for many than the team’s prolonged misery caused by a string of losses abroad.   After Sahara, who ? This is a question among many of us, fans.. who are passionate, but more aware & responsible, perhaps! I was shocked to see KFC sponsoring Aussies in their T20 ( may be more?) match. It is their choise, surely. But in India, I hope a more responsible corporate takes over from Sahara, not a fast food or anything related, like KFC/Mc Donald or Pepse/Coke ( I am not picking up on foreign brands, but the category). We don’t want the youngsters to be more addicted to these unhealthy food options.   Of course, we don’t want the entire team asking, ‘have I made it big?’ Though they made it big around world cup time,     the tagline is also not relevant any more J ( Of course, Yuvi’s new Birla Sunlife ad would be more appropriate to the wounded Indian cricket-tigers!)   On a serious note, BCCI should be aware of this responsibility to the game and its fans. Even at the loss of few crores, get the branding right ( at least !)

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