Monday, February 13, 2012

SRK brand ambassador of Kolkotta

@SrBachchan was chosen brand ambassador of Gujarat. I was not entirely happy. Not because I have anything against the superstar or the govt.

Even now, when I see AB on TV, whether in a movie/ad/interview/news-bite, I get 'hooked', briefly though.  When I get totally involved with the program, laugh (as it happened 2 days ago watching a scene from 'Sharabi'), my wife finds it amusing! Otherwise my natural disposition is not a 'smiley').
The angry young man was the hero, all along childhood & teens!

For Gujarat, I felt a better choice would have been a successful Gujju. But then, as always, AB brings an element of class to anything he does - whether it is performance in Chini Kum/Paa or KBC (I hardly watched though) or ads (ICICI bank/Pru or Titan or Reid & Taylor).

 Now Kolkotta has gone a step further & roped in SRK. Now, he does not live there, naturally. He is not a Bong! Of course, he owns part of Knight Riders.(He just introduced a new logo, along with Juhi )
But, by 'mis-handling' the Prince of Kolkotta, he has as many cricket-fans against him, across the city & country.

Why this obsession with Bollywood ? BWood is an important, beautiful & integral part of India. But, we need to look beyond just Bollywood. Of course, beyond cricket too. Tendulkar can expect a call to represent Amchi Mumbai. Rajnikanth/MSD can expect a call from Chennai ( a new Tamil film is "Dhoni, not out")  Of course, current CM & previous CM, both with their roots in Tamil cinema, may consider themselves the ultimate brand-ambassadors for Chennai !

Watch out for more city/state brand ambassadors !

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B V S said...

Wish there are more efforts on actually improving the 'products' (States) rather than on promotion. Imagine if people get attracted by the brand ambassadors and try the products, they would be disappointed badly. Bad product with great promotion is a sure way to kill the product and tarnish the brand ambassadors.

The brand ambassadors also agree to endorse anything that pays money to them, without realizing that their reputation is at stake, in a way.