Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Proton - Malaysia's National Car

Does Malaysia need a 'national car' ? 
Anchor at Bloomberg asked Dr Mahathir  Mohammed, former Malaysian leader - yes, he was a visionary leader. 
Malaysia owes a lot to his vision and execution skills. It includes a F1 track

But, should a Govt be in car-manufacturing ?
Should the govt be more concerned about the public transport ?

He accepted Germans make better cars, thanks to their work-ethic, apart from engineering excellence.But added cheekily, Proton was 'still around' !! Yes, surely alive, but not kicking!! 

He was candid, as always, to accept 'politicians meddled with the management'. Familiar, but wonder why that is not prevented, ab initio. He was a visionary politician after all.

India had its own Maruti project - but the joint venture is now well-managed by Suzuki. Now, a dominant market-leader, a 

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