Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I am leaving Goldman Sachs

Got this link from five of my friends... !!!!! (hence, five '!')

This must be going around the world - like forest fire.
In fact, it is actually as destructive as a forest fire. But, as always, we are presuming it is affecting them, not me... 'them' could be GS/banking/US/NA etc. But that is not the reality. The fact this powerful message has it us, we are in it someway or other.

It will be interesting to note how this will evolve over the next few weeks. He has criticised the very foundation of an institution of great repute ( at least till recently).

But don't we feel a sense of deja vu ? Are we not aware of this decline in value-system as the very core of all problems ? It is very very sad, but the truth...

Most importantly, we don't acknowledge it. Often, most of us, when faced with a choice do not embrace 'right' over the wrong.

Whatever our role, at whatever be the level in corporate/soecity, we can make a difference. No need to adopt a critical or messiah-type attitude either.

It is our choice !

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