Friday, April 13, 2012

I hope to fly Air India, soon

Maharaja is out of his death-bad...may continue to fly!
Govt has approved a whopping Rs 30K crore package to Air India, spread over till 2020.
Is it essential for govt to plough that much money in to something like a air-carrier ? Should they not be spending on more basic needs of the poorest ?!

I went through the article in Live Mint with lot of reservation. It spoke of several milestones, but all financial, incl cash profit by 2018 !!

Apart from financial milestones, no comment on other service parameters. Will the package go beyond the financial parameters and include service parameters ?

During the last five & half years' stay outside India, I have not taken an AI flight at all. It was always cheaper and preferred by a few. Also, at times reco by ticket-agent. But never wanted the prospect of uncertainty on punctuality ! This may not sound patriotic. I was being a demanding customer only.

Hopefully, sometime in near future, I would proudly take an AI flight!

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