Sunday, April 29, 2012

IPL Leadership Insights

One of the things I have been doing these days.... watching IPL 5

I am no fan of this format - but the love for the game & the amount leadership activities that go in to the sport keeps me glued.

The format has players from different cities/regions playing for different city-teams. As such my loyalty lies with Amchi Mumbai's own team.

Some Leadership thoughts -

  • I thought it was a great move by Sachin to opt out of captaincy & just enjoy cricket. That what his millions of fans like him to do. Also, it is quite obvious though he is a legend, he is no great manager, or captain. A cricket captain is more a manager, than a leader, though it involves leadership skills. 
  • But the choice of Harbhajan as captain, was not very convincing. He surely is past his prime, as a player. He is no strategist, like Saurav, to make up for the deficiency as a player. In previous matches, he was struggling for wickets...!
  • In that context, it was a great move to open bowling yesterday, VS Deccan Chargers. Bhajji gave the impression of 'leading from the front' (cliched, sorry!). Even though in the initial overs a low-ranked team like DC will anyways be tentative ( it would have been a different story if Viru was batting ). Neverthless, it helped him to some extend and the team, a lot.
  • The overall body language of the players was a lot positive. It showed in their fielding too, stopping some tough ones and holding on literally to few caches - the smile was back on their faces!
  • Perhaps that positive frame of mind saw them through the match. They did not panic, fortunately.
  • But Sachin and Rohit should have played a more responsible innings, as the team needed their techniques on a juicy wicket. 
  • Sadly, they rank very low on Fairplay table too. No excuse here. The team captain needs to take responsibility and ensure same. But to expect from a mercurial Bhajji would be too much. Here Sachin should play the mentor-role, support Bhajji.
  • The team won yesterday, but missed an opportunity to improve average, which could be very crucial in days to come. 
  • Mumbai Indians are yet to come together as a powerful unit, though it has some great talent. Don't seem to be champion material yet
A friend from Gulf is travelling to India next week. Among other things, he plans to watch a game in Mumbai. 
Time for Mum Indians to raise their level of game, thru improved strategising & skillful execution. Miles to go before the finals...!

PS : Rajasthn Royal's loss by one run was termed as 'a miraculous win for Delhi'. No miracle here, a little luck, 'yes'!!  It was better captaincy, focus & managerial skills. Rahane, support staff also equally responsible, apart from coach-captain, Rahul Dravid. 

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