Monday, April 30, 2012

Next Prez of India

Continuing with thoughts on 'Leadership' from the previous post....
  • At work or social group, do we always elect/select/nominate the best candidate ? 
  • We always complain about being ignored for obvious promotions! But, when we have an option to select, are we impartial ?
  • Do we always rise above our personal prejudices to give the best candidate ? 
       Is that not simple & plain righteousness ??!!

Media is talking about the election of next President of India.

There have been lot of controversies on the current President, sadly :(
Hence, more than usual focus on the election ?

Personally, it has always been more than a passing interest. My dad, a career fauji, would always refer to the then President as his ultimate super-boss. He had some inspiring heads, but few not so inspiring over his 30+ yrs of work-ex!

Pranabda/Nrn Murthy/Meira Kumar/Dr Kalaam/VP, Ansari/Mulayam Singh are the names going around

Interestingly, all the media are 'unanimous' about the most eligible candidate. . . any guess ??
Going through his profile, he surely looks like the best choice.
The obvious choice being discussed... Gopal Krishna Gandhi.

But his name is not prominently discussed in political circles, for 'political' reasons... candidate are considered based on religion/caste/party/et al !!

Can we rise above petty politics and get the best for the job ?? Mr Gandhi or anyone else. But, let us not be unfair to 1.3 billion Indians!

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Sivakumar said...

Our politicians have slowly and surely devalued all democratic institutions starting from President, Governor, Parliament, Legislature.... Each and every act now is politically viewed and executed. Even hanging a convicted guy like Kasab has taken a political communal and political color. At least I do not see light at the end of the tunnel.