Saturday, May 5, 2012

Amir Khan's Satyamev Jayate

There are very few perfectionists, in their respective fields, around us... Amir Khan is surely one of them.

There has been so much expectation around his debut to the small screen. 

He has opted for prime lost, Sunday morning. He has chosen DD, yes good old Door Darshan also .  (Tell me frankly, when was the last time, you watched anything on DD?!)

He has opted for a very relevant issue, for the first episode. FEMALE INFANTICIDE
Sad to see what we are doing to our girl children & daughter-in-laws... !

Request all to watch it. Indeed, these are serious issues. We can not take an ostritch-type stand. It will engulf us like a forest fire. 

I am sure, the average middle class household may skip this and it will start reflecting on the TRP :(

But go on, Amir... Yet a master piece from you!

PS : We have a choice - to ignore the these issues, at our own peril ! Let us make the right choice 

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