Sunday, May 6, 2012

Front End Sales Commitment

While in Gulf, I avoided the European brands in favour of Japanese car brands - going by the local sentiment, service back up, A/c quality (real/perceived? ) and better re-sale value ( a definte clincher!)

Now back in India, I have been looking at VW models in India. My family had rejected Polo outright, being 'too small' ( I find even Alto & all other small cars very cute. Also, easy to manouvre around)!
So, Vento was an option.

I was pleasantly surprised to find both Polo & Vento parked in our residential complex! A nice counter, three young & smart sales-agents. I approached them, with a lot of expectation. I was worried if I would be 'pushed' to book one immediately, being a fence-sitter !

"Fortunately", nothing happened. Two sales agents pretended to be busy with an elderly prospect 'window-shopping', the third agent just ignored me. I was amused... They came all the way "to the customer", and then "stay away" from customer !!! I went around, looked at it closely, gave them an opportunity to get a prospective cusotmer.... and returned home!

I was wondering how would VW or the dealer ensure these event-initiatives are genuinely an effort to tap cusotmer at his residence ( office) !!! What would it take to get the front-end staff genuinely interested, apart from target & incentive ?!

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