Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kent Purification by RO+UF+UV+TDS Control

As part of my settling down process, I decided to fix my drinking water problem.

Afterall, it is a 'problem' across the country, right ? We can not drink water from the tap (or a good, old  well/borewell). There was a time, when we pulled water out of the well in our ancestral home at kerala village & drank. Now, even there, I think people prefer 'jeera-water'!

Having depended on bottled water in Gulf, I was looking for a 'more' environment-friendly option.

Few years ago, before moving abroad, when a friend told me Chennaites are opting for bottled-water, I was flabberghasted! The shock was partly due to the cost factor, and also impact on environment. ( For every 20 L bottle that reaches our homes, do we pause to think the impact it has on environement ?!!  Do we care ??!!)

When I checked around, got to know the world has evolved from Acqua guard to a "safer" RO-technology ! ( Tech for water ?!) I played safe, got the 'safest' - got Hema Malini's Kent home.

The proof of the pudding is in eating !! My dog, born & brought up in Gulf, had rejected all our earlier attempts to give her boiled/cooled water to bottled mineral water. But, she liked Kent's purified water !! She has gone back to her earlier habit of frequent sips from her bowl ( That was indeed a big relief!)

We liked the taste too. Now we enjoy the purest form of water available around, Kent's Purification by RO+UF+UV+TDS Control !!! I thought pure H2O was less complicated :( 
If you want to know what all those stand for, check out

If I have solved a critical part of my To-Do List-to Settle-back, I am shocked to see a new problem ! Lot of water goes waste, as part of purification. The Kent-technician, after fitting the machine, told us 'matter-of-factly'! Was not sure if he was mocking my awareness level or enquiring 'what is big deal?' !!

Now, we are trying to collected the water from the blue pipe in small vessels and use it - quite an effort that is !!

An advise to all Kent users is do not waste even a drop of water, plz !!
Request Kent to incroporate this in to their delivery & installation, with a specific check

Let us Save Water!

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