Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What ails our airlines ?

Got this communication from Jet Airways :Jet to charge Rs 50 for duplicate ticket

This is to bring to your notice that effective immediately, requests received for duplicate e-ticket printouts at Airline Ticketing Offices and City Ticketing Offices in India across Jet Airways and JetKonnect will attract a fee of Rs.50 per e-ticket (revenue / award ticket) reprint.

Please note that this fee is applicable only to requests for a reprint / duplicate copy of the existing booking.

JetPrivilege Platinum members are exempted from the e-ticket reprint charge.

I was not upset . . . 

  1. Not because Jet was a preferred brand
  2. it was additional charge for additional (duplicate) service. Why not ?? 
  3. they were cost conscious - fee income was always a good idea
  4. may be it will save paper - people may be more conscious about this & thus, less 'duplicate print outs' ! 
Wish Air India were more cost conscious too. But can not blame the airlines only. 

Kingfisher is on crutches too

Ndtv carried a brilliant Q & A with Sahara's Subroto Roy. He mentioned too there are policy issues. 

While we conveniently blame the airlines, perhaps the buck stops at the Government ?

Something is fundamentally wrong with our aviation industry ? ? ?

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