Friday, June 1, 2012

Breaking free from the mundane - Live Mint

Came acorss this interesting article : Breaking free from the Mundane

The author has a doubt if it is a trend yet...
But I can humbly add, I am part of the evolving 'trend' ! Having quit a bank in Middle East.... to seek.
Author concludes the article with our option 'to seek' or to be restricted by our job & everthing that comes with it, positve/negative.

Charles Handy's ( idea of 'Portfolio Life' is the need of the hour. To do something, day after day - perform Karma. But, with a higher purpose. Not for money or fame. 'Simple Living, High Thinking', would be an appropriate dictum to live by.

I am tempted to add, the aim to get out of typical corporate life should be only to seek. To seek a higher goal. Else, the result could be dissappointment, frustration & depression.

As I catch up with friends & relatives, the reactions are very different. But, all in the corporate world, want to get out of corpo-RAT-e race  and move on. But, few end up doing it.

It also helps to create space for others to grow in the corporate sector. We have enough skilled manpower to fill up all types of shoes, big or small !

Thanks to Mint. Gladly, I see more such articles appearing these days.

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