Sunday, June 24, 2012

Indian Car Mfrers should tap export opportunity

Cars "Made in India" exports :

Car exports in May 2012 from India : 
45 K compared to 33.5K cars exported in May, 2011 ===> 34 % jump

Now that is the smart way of handling a dip in demand. 

Most of the cars brands have taken to a more easy out, by offering hefty discounts.

Demand for low-cost cars has gone up in most of the markets. As there is more pressure on wallet, mass-segment will opt for better value for money. It may not be a bad idea for India's manufacturers to go for an aggressive push on exports. Even Middle East looks promising...

Hyundai, Ford, Nissan will find it easier to reach out to markets where their brands enjoy certain equity. But others, like Suzuki, Tata & Mahindra may need to invest & commit themselves for a long haul. It may be worth the effort, surely... 

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