Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A day at Amchi Mumbai, Professionally

I ventured out this morning, to Mumbai city, for some professional, & personal work.

Some thoughts : Mumbai City ?

  • Is Mumbai actually a "city" ? Or more of a "state" or something in between ? Surely no longer a "city'. So huge & so many people ! 
  • People move out of jobs or offices get re-located. But Mumbaikar stays put at the same residential unit. Happy to commute, but leave the family in the comfort zone of appartment, society, school, doctor, maid, et al ( may be newspaper boy to kabadi-wala !). 
  • While none of these are valid reasons to stay put at the same flat/society/locality, the office-goer & businessman fails to recognise the sheer impact on his personal health, efficiency, quality time, work-life balance, et al
Food for thought, mumbaikar!

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