Monday, June 18, 2012

Re-location Pains

Happy & Safe driving ..... is something I keep telling friends!

Difficult to be happy, with current petrol prices & the proposed excise duty hike on diesel cars, but safe driving is within our control! And I sincerely hope Govt will take a more appropriate step to work on diesel prices, rather than go for ‘low-lying fruit’, increase excise duty on diesel cars!

Met a friend who had moved in from Saudi Arabia, last year. He said, one of the biggest shocks of re-locating was the petrol price. He was used to paying just 60 Saudi halalas (=Rs. 7 plus). Petrol price in India was just ten times costlier!!

He travels from Blore to a town, 200 kms away, every week-end. His family lives there. With the recent hike in petrol price, he has opted to bus/train as his preferred mode of travel. But then, the connectivity & infrastructure are so poor!

He is very upset. Not sure, whether to sell his petrol car & go for a diesel car, before govt increases the excise duty or get used to public transport woes!!!

Life goes on J

Happy & Safe Travelling!

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