Saturday, June 2, 2012

State plans to drop you at work

Finally Government agencies are looking at ways to handle the chronic commuting woes of office-goers at Mumbai. 

The pain of commuting is one of the most difficult part of living in Mumbai. Early 2000, many of us would take buses from our colony in western suburbs to BKC. The flyovers were not complete and buses not air-conditioned. It was horror. It would take anything from 60 mts to 120 mts. During Mumbai's monsoon, it used to be hell. ( I would have burnt lot of my past karmas during those trips, I am very sure!)

We evolved from 'be-car' to 'car-owners' ... 
And car-owners to 'caaar-owners' ! That is small car to big cars!

We pooled, of course! We had sufficient quorum - availability of cars & willingness to be part of pool, and most important to get out on time !!! The last was a challenge - we would step out at 630PM, though working hrs was till 5 PM. And people would invariably ask in elevators, 'leaving so early?'  Of course, 'to overcome the guilt', we would often spent sometime on our laptops at home! 

Great to know there could be point-to-point drops by A/c buses. The agencies are coording with HR depts of organisations. Over the last week, everyone was criticising the fuel price hike. Today, all are critical about the 'notional' roll back of just Rs 2 per lit. The solution really lies in efforts such as these - efficient public transport system.

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