Saturday, June 23, 2012

This Cat needs your kindness

I took a flight from Blore to Mumbai, at 1PM. As always, slept peacefully most of the flight, thus missing the lunch on board. As I stepped out at Mumbai, I headed straight to the food-court right at the exit gate (of private airlines), for a quick bite. 

As I waited for my Mumbai-special, paav-bhaji, I saw this cat lying under a chair, next to my table. 

It looked very week, but very peaceful & 'saintly'... she was at the wrong place, being an all-veggie food-court! 

Boys attending to the customers confirmed not even eggs served there ( Thank God!)

As I kept looking, clicking photo & praying this creation of God be taken care....the elderly man sitting on that chair got up stepping on the paw :( ::::  It let out a cry... full of pain.

It was quick to recover from the physical pain and moved on... 

As I headed home, I felt guilty for not preventing the physical pain on the lovely cat. I could just pray... someone takes care/adopts the cat. 

( I already have a dog at home, hence I could not do it myself - my dog is a cat-hater !)

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