Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Tribute to Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singhji

Sharing the link, for those who missed the program on Color Channel:

  • Brilliantly organised, great effort by Colors.
  • Most of the contemperory big names from music-world come together to lovingly remember the ghazal-great ('90% of the audience were musicians', as Jalotaji mentioned). 
  • Fortunately, the audience was restricted to these music-greats & few others from film world, like Shabana Azmi, Javed Akthar, etc. They spoke very well, as always.
  • True greatness of Jagjitji was in what he gave to ghazal...He gave it the mass-appeal. Common man started enjoying ghazals. ( 'Ask not what you got from the country....!) 
  • Pt Jasrajji did not sing :( Would have loved a few lines of Jagjitji or any of his own 
  • When these great singers sang Jagjitji's songs, it sounded so different. That was the uniqueness of his voice, style, delivery and soul of his singing...
  • Some of the songs brougt tears... Chitra Singhji would have struggled to control tears, on several occassions
'Yeh Daulat bhi lelo...' remains a personal favourite - Jalotaji sang it in his own style. 

'Music is to the soul, just as food is for body', said my beloved Master. 

Jagjitji will always remain the soul of ghazal music for many of us, simple music lovers !

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