Saturday, July 28, 2012

Call Taxi Service Service @ Front-End

I am usually very loyal to brands.
My expectations are very basic from these brands. Same when it comes to a call-taxi: Pick up on time & a safe, peaceful drive to the destination.
I always make it a point to thank the driver & tip him.
I usually stick to Meru. They have been quite good in delivery, quality of cars are below average & drivers are all well-behaved. Also, have multi-city operations too.

Found & got similar feedback from others about the Chennai-airport service-provider ( though monopoly @ airport !)

Yesterday, they were unable to oblige. Thought of trying out another, new kid off the block !!
  • I had booked for 7 PM
  • Cab did not arrive. When I called driver at 710 PM, he did not pick up. 
  • Their Call center, put me on hold & tried to reach. Was not able to reach the driver too. Then offered another driver "in 15 mts' ! I was already late for appt., hence declined. 
  • I said no, stepped out, thank God got a Meru cab and proceeded.
  • On the way, very close to my place, there was a cab lying idle from the 'new kid...'
  • That was my 3rd & final attempt. Will be reluctant to experiment with these new kids-off-the-blocks!!
  • Glad to see they have a standard feedback,'cab didn't arrive'. 
I feel sorry for the organisation which is not able to ensure quality delivery at the front end. Yesterday's newspaper carried ambitious expansion plans of the new operator. They are even starting premium services !! But, what about basic service delivery ? Need to fix these basics to ensure success in the long run...

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