Thursday, July 19, 2012

Changing Reading Habit : Kindle Edition

Started reading a book, borrowed from a friend. A bit heavy stuff. Wanted to make notes separately, being 'returnable'

Finished reading few pages. Then, realized, why not get a Kindle Edition !! Easy to 'highlight' and refer later. Will make the process faster also, compared to actually writing down. ( We write so less these days )

Was in two minds - to spend ( on Kindle Edition) or to read without making notes. Finally, opted for the former !

It was cheaper to buy a Paperback edition ( but reluctant for a book that will be referred to for a long time). But, Kindle edition was a lot cheaper than hard-cover. Plus paper saved ! (So much for environment!)

Perhaps, I can confess, I AM A KINDLE FAN ! 


B V S said...

Have been thinking on similar lines. But one problem. I was told, it does not download books in middle east. Also there is a confusion. Why not use ipad for reading books. It would be multipurpose?

SUBS said...

You can download. It selects any available network & downloads the book ( 'whispernet', truly)
Amazon's one-click download is a great feature.

Ipad has a color screen, also Kindle Fire. But, Kindle has a black & white screen, almost like a book.
But you should pick up the 9inch, not 7 inch.

Happy Reading & Going Green :)