Friday, July 6, 2012


Many of us are car-enthusiasts. Couple of my friends are die-hard fans of JAG ( though one of them happily driving a Prado ( pronounced also as BRADO!) in ME !

Some of them love a well-written article - for the pure joy of the written word. Hence, love authors such as PG Wodehouse.

Most of us look at the basic features of a car and of course the aesthetics, such as looks, dashboard, seating comfort, etc. As such we are looking for car-reviews that answer our queries. ( I did a 'google' for such a review on Renault Duster, but did not find one - may be I need to fine-tune my 'googling-skills!)

Came across such a review by DNA Team - hence sharing ! Happy Reading & Safe Driving...

May you drive your dream car !

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