Saturday, July 28, 2012

India Vs SL 3rd ODI

Thanks to Tatasky, Ten Cricket was added to my channels' list belatedly, after the first ODI. Fortunately, I was busy when our team was humbled in 2nd ODI. Now catching up 3rd ODI, on & off.

Wonder why no HD for cricket telecast @ Tatasky ? When I checked, call center executive said, 'WIP'!  ( That is an old, silly comment to make - no clear-cut deadline!!)

Sangakkara ensured his good run over the last 3 innings extended to the forth innings also. Wonder, is it lack of strategy on part of Indian think-tank or faulty execution - or both ?? 

Sachin is happily enjoying his time with family, away from all action. He was quite candid in his session with NDTV's SVP. The BMW 3 Series, red-hot in the background, was very distracting ! Meanwhile on ET whole lot of people have given their 'valuable opinions' !! Pls, let his decide, in discussion with Srikanth & co :)

Curious mix of advertisers : 

  • Samsung utilises a star-sportsman Beckam so well.
  • But two of our own greats wasted: Sachin for Luminous wires & Salman Khan in chappals!! Pls .... can we be spared of these ?!
  • Kent featuring Hma Malini & daughters - consistent for a long time & effective communication. 
  • CEAT tyres for bikes - communicates well.
  • Good, old Pilot pen featuring DPadukone!! Pilot used to be very aspirational, when we were kids.
  • Manipal university highlighting 24 X 7 counsellor !!
  • Nokia's ad has nothing to grab attention.
  • Duster ad is just good
  • Hero Scooter - silly ! What a waste of effort ?
  • That sick ad for perfume, Denver.

The show must go on... CRICKET !


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