Sunday, July 22, 2012

Indian books on my Kindle soon !

I had posted recently about my evolving reading habit...Yes, I do still read :) I am not a TV-addict, hardly watch.
Would like to get into the 'voracious reader' category though !

Got some comments for my previous post. Hence sharing a news item, courtesy DNA-Mumbai.
Acc to the report, some of Indian titles will soon appear in e-book format. But some biggies in publishing, incl Penguin, seem to be getting the pricing-strategy wrong, as of now. E book got to be cheaper than the hard-copy - simple logic ( of an ignorant reader!)....

Let us hope penguins, rupas, et al bring more e-editions, at an affordable price, so that we can read them & also save some paper !

BTW, have you picked up your Kindle yet ? GO for 9' only - nothing to beat that product & with Amazon's fantastic customer service.

Happy Reading... ( Pls read, get away from your TV, computer & smart-phones... Let us be smart !)

If you want to read the full article, pls go to

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