Friday, July 13, 2012

Jet Airways Customer No More a KING

15 Jul 2010:

Here is a kind reminder to Jet, with lots of love & best wishes...

It's easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back

Worth thinking about that the next time you're annoyed at a customer.

13 Jul 2012:

Ran into this good friend at Mumbai ariport. A passionate Jet Airways customer - but a bit upset ! When enquired, gave this update :

He has been a member of Jet Privilege for long time ( has been their brand-ambassador, we would often pull his leg)
He used to be a Platinum member, before he moved to Gulf. When Jet introduced flights to Gulf, he shifted totally to Jet. Makes multiple visits to India, all on Jet !

He had been though critical of the fact Jet don't consider family members as one frequent flier ( no thereof!) They don't consider in toto !! So each of his family member is a jet-privilege member too !

He has been totally with Jet, at times paying premium over alternates !! 
Now, he is unable to tele-check as jet does not allow blue/blue plus travellers ! No consideration of Platinum level earlier or of travelling on international routes ! 

Rules are necessary, he agrees. But, customer should be retained.

He plans to now explore multiple flight options, esp on international routes ( with a vengeance, I must add!)
Will now join the list of unhappy customer, from an earlier role of brand-ambassador !

Jet Airways's loss may be gain for Emirates, Spore Airlines and Go Air - Fine Art of Losing a Customer 

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