Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Leadership Tata Way

One of the most inspiring leaders from Corporate India (Mr Ratan Tata), belonging to one of the most respectable & ethical business groups ( TATA), will step down this year. His track record is one for all of us to be proud of. Under his leadership, we have seen the group grow in geometric proposition. I have told some many of my friends in Middle East, 'JLR now belongs to TATA' !!

The group has have retained their belief in value-system.
As the world hits new lows in corporate ethics ( LIBOR being the latest at global level!), thank God there are business entities which believe in ethics.

In his 'Third Innings', Mr Tata will focus on some fundamental issues that plague our country. Inspiring... worth emulating.

Few days ago, read on HT: BE YOURSELF. YOU'LL LEAD WELL.

Very inspiring & appropriate advise from Mr Ratan Tata.
Perhaps very difficult to implement ? We tend to wear the mask and hide from our true selves, often.
But be ourselves means being in sync with our true self, inner self, which is Divinity and being at peace. Worth trying....


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