Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smiling Dara Singh

Dara Singh was the original superhero. Even before Phantom, Superman, Batman & Spiderman...We grew up looking up to Dara Singh as the ultimate muscle-man. 

NDTV's tribute was well-compiled. But I thought they have picked up all shots where he was always smiling. Quite difficult, for an action-hero, I thought.

Then, read his son saying, 'Dara Singh died smiling'

ET quotesd Jaspal Batti was told by Dara Singh, 'even in a wrestling bout he, would try to keep smiling till the end' ! 

When we think of him, only his smiling face comes to our mind. That is real greatness. How many people can we think of in our friends/relatives/colleagues/beyond and their smiling face comes to our mind ? Try to think... At best, a stand-up comedian may be able to & not many...

We can blame it on the world around us that we are able to maintain a smiling-disposition. 
May be we are unable to make others smile either ! We are not making others comfortable in our presence... Spare a moment to think !

I will always remember him for his smiling face, than his wrestling accomplishments. 

Worth-emulating. It may not be possible to achieve his level of physical fitness, but definitely worth trying to 'KEEP SMILING' !

Try out... the world will be a better place to live !


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