Saturday, August 25, 2012

Being K I A S U - Random Notes from Singapore

Got this addition to my humble vocab @ S'pore - being "Kiasu"! It means being afraid to lose out to others !

Sounds familiar ?! 

Singaporeans, many of them at least, see their society as being kiasu. Many see that synonymous with elitist, materialistic, self-centered, etc.
Some see it as 'icononic' ! 
Some see it as 'part of the dna' in a city, which is fast-paced, achievement oriented... 

I don't want to comment on this or be judgemental. 

But I feel, this is a universal phenomenon. Many, in all areas of activities (not just in corporate) are being 'kiasu' ! 

But it would be sad if society sees it as positive and welcome... 
I feel we will be trivialising our lives by being elitist, materialistic or self-centered...

Your thoughts ? 

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