Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cross Sell @ our banks

Just saw this on Twitter -

It takes only 200 milliseconds to read emotion from a person's facial expression.

So very true... I just had the unpleasant experience at a bank branch, just this afternoon. 

On a holy-day of Rakshabandhan, they were making it holy by working ! 
  • Had reached the branch 30 mts before the closing time
  • Almost all staff, except one of two tellers were with branch manager, in a meeting in his cabin !!! 
  • One of the two tellers does not know me, unlike the other ( who was with BM)
  • After  I finished my cheque deposit, waited for Insurance Cross sell team
  • Two staff came, very soon. When I shared my service requirement, they exchanged a look & simple expression ( non-verbal communication, we learn in our management classes) which spoke more than a few words ! Neverthless, they got down to business. 
    • I have to go back to complete the work ! 
  • Thereafter, one of them had the guts to solicit business, after seeing my account was so called 'premium' ! I have always felt 'mass'/ bottom of pyramid/ cattle-class at the branch :)
    • I did refuse, not so politely
  • Most off the staff are new at the branch - so the people who were so keen to 'cross-sell' insurance to me in 2010 were missing, except one - he chose to ignore me ( afterall, I was on a service call! 

Perhaps, at the end of the day, people are tired ?!
Or sheer attitude ?! 
And, this is one of the best banks in the country !

This is my second experience about 'cross-sell', first with another bank... that story is still on... !!! 
Our banks are not ready to handle cross sell effectively, yet. 

PS: Bank name & other details deliberately hidden. 

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