Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dieselisation of Indian Auto

No respite to this madness...

Now Honda may stop production of its once popular Civic.

Government, auto industry and educated public is sitting on this important development - dieselisation of India's auto industry. No one is bothered as long as he is able to drive a diesel car, thanks to diesel prices cheaper than petrol by 40%. Car owners are looking the other way. Auto Industry is not taking responsibility. And, what to say about this government, we have selected. They are sitting on many more such important issues... :(

Dieselisation trend in India

  • March 2008 : 21%
  • March 2012 : 40% 
  • June  2012   : 50% 
Honda has a diesel engine in Europe. But, can not be sold in India, thanks to the quality of diesel sold. 

India's auto market will miss the holistic development of the industry. 

PS : Health hazard of diesel fumes already mentioned in a previous post !

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