Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Independence Day

Back from a short trip. It was great to travel out and get back home soon. A quick 'Zoom-In & Zoom-Out' !

Got to catch up with old friends, made new friends. And interacted with few strangers too, courtesy their ability to hit a conversation with me, as I prefer to read or sleep!

One of the latter type was in Mumbai airport. He had almost missed the flight due to the Azad maidan incident. He stays alone abroad. His family was back home. He was full of anxiety for the safety of his family, well being of his friends & relatives and most concerned about the direction our society was heading to. His city has seen an increase in theft, violence, disease, inflation, et al. He felt 'people have become more money-minded, self-centered, aggressive, noisy...'!! Virtually, on all parameters his family was living in a less safer situation, compared to a few years ago, in spite of being more affluent. "was it all worth it ?" was his concluding remark... 

That conversation summarised the concern of many Indian expats abroad, esp those who live alone.For all their efforts we do not take care of the average NRI. Most of the NRI's are not enjoying great quality of life abroad, esp those in Gulf. They sacrifice their youth to support their family, often at the cost of their individual happiness & health, thus future happiness too. 

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