Wednesday, August 15, 2012


'Professionally Yours' need not be 'all work & no play' :)

I did get some queries about the films I had seen since I returned home (lock, stock, barrel & a dog!). 

Frankly I surely seem to have overcome the obsession to watch movies regularly as one of my favourite entertaintments. While reducing interest is one of the key reasons, a more important reason has been that I seem to have overcome the 'need' (or want!) for such an external source of entertaintment ! Then the hazzle of going to the theater... And of course, most of the films that are coming out are not of my 'taste' ! (about the taste, but just different!!)

There are lot of films that are being promoted thru mindless action ( Rowdy Rathore/Singham), skin & related themes ( Dirty Picture/Jism/kya kool hain hum),  crude violence (Wasseypur), etc. I will still watch Wasseypur on TV, as and when it happens, as I can do my own 'edit' thru the remote. 

I usually never try my luck with movies. I would opt to watch only if I am sure of its review, rating, theme, etc.

But I did go for just one movie, with better-half. Love for movies-experience, complete with samosa/popcorn/chaat, was mutual.  

The movie was 'Cocktail'. Just an ok type of movie. Though I was encouraged by average *** reviews, I would just give 2.5 !  

But one moview I saw during my recent flight was 'Kahani'. Had received few good recomendations. The movie had hit the theaters before we moved back. Had opted not to watch it on Showcase/Tatasky as I was prejudicised against a Vidya-Balan-starrer, additonally the possible suffering of a pregnant woman!! But indeed, the movie was very good. Good story/theme, great performance by all leading actors ( Khan superb), good direction/editing and captured essence of Kolkotta, incl Durga Puja ( resulted in a strong urge to travel to Kolkotta, inshallah this winter). 

Seeing Kahani & Paa, I wonder why Vidya Balan need to act in 'dirty-pictures'?! (Of course, it is her professional choice). Just as why Bhats no longer make a 'Saaransh' or even a 'chitti aayi hai' Naam/'Dil hai ki...' !! 

But then, we get what we deserve ! 

Professinally Yours !! As always :)


B V S said...
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B V S said...

Dirty picture is not all dirty. In fact, except for a few double meaning sentences, skin show or sensuality was much lesser than recent usual movies. I liked the way the story went into the head of the character. It was perfect. And vidya acted so well and did justice.

SUBS said...
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SUBS said...

Plan to watch it on tv, with some more cuts & edits !