Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rakhee return gifts undelivered - India's on-line shopping

2nd Aug: 
Rakhee greetings to all sisters...

1st Aug:
After some years, got rakhees before dates, from sisters.... it was possible as they had to 'courier' within India, unlike last 5 years.

I thought, thanks to all those 'on-line shopping' options, I can send them return gifts!!  On time too... ! 

  1. OLS-1 : tried out with the most familiar brand, having used mostly for books & delighted with (past) experience. Selecting the gift was a Herculean task. Not dramatising at all. After sometime, got my better-half also got to join the 'on-line' search. We finally short-listed our options and proceeded to complete the 'on-line shopping' purchase. We were shocked to note the location had no logistics support. I thought our courier industry was well-entrenched. Moreover, our Post Office is one of the best in the world, with all its inherent 'delays' 
    • Only delays in case of our Post Office - had two experiences recently. A letter from son and my letter to a relative took more than a month! But, I was confident it would reach, only with delay :)
  2. OLS - 2 : we proceeded to the next option, Indian subsidiary of a global giant. The latter, one of my fav brands. The search had to start from scratch here. We spent some time, short-listed & proceeded to complete the transaction.
  3. OLS - 3: Surprisingly, this global leader's local presence directed us to a local brand. But sadly, the result was same - no logistics support. 

Both OLS 1 & 3 were prompt to track down the fact the deal was not complete & prompt to write to me. I replied. They were yet again 'prompt' to revert to inform no logistics support there !!

One of them was Kolkotta city, for God's sake! 
I feel sad that I am unable to send gifts promptly. 
But very sad to note our e-commerce platform is still a long way to go ! 

Now, I am a less enthusiastic on-line client, for now at least, till they catch up !

PS: As per my usual practise, I am deliberately not mentioning the brand-names. 

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