Saturday, August 25, 2012

We lost two Armstrongs - Random Notes from Singapore

Singapore is surely a society with a higher percentage of fitness-freaks :) While there are many joggers & 'just-walkers', there are many cyclists also on the road. 

Cycling, swimming, riding a bike, playing soccer, running (sprint/long distance), etc., are part of the joy of growing up
On the other side, we grow up singing, dancing, acting, etc. 
We continue to hold on to these favourite hobbies well in to our youth & beyond. 

Singaporeans' passion for cycling is very evident. One of the letters from a reader of newspaper, The Straits Times (FORUM section), went as follows : 

  • In just six years, New York City added over 400 kms of bike lanes & received 66% approval rating in a survey...S'pore can do much better....
  • But I particularly liked this comment: the hierarchy of priority should be pedestrians, cyclists and motorists ! No rocket-science here, simple logic. But see the roads, world over !!!

For the passionate cyclists and for many, many outside the cycling fraternity (yours truly included) Lance Armstrong was a great inspiration. Just as the aspiration to bat like Sachin, sing like Kishore da, dance like MJ, play like Maradona..... to cycle like Lance was the goal ! The fact he fought back cancer added halo to his larger than life personality. But now, the greatest cyclist of all times is standing at the edge of yet another 'cancer' that plagues all sports, doping allegation, and an impending ban.Who is right - Lance or USADA ??! But, for us ordinary fans of Lance & the sport, we have lost an ARMSTRONG. Will miss you, Lance. 

Fate took away another ARMSTRONG, NEIL - the American astronaut, who made "one giant leap for mankind" when he walked on the moon. RIP Neil !

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