Sunday, September 30, 2012

All About Ads

WC T20 is boring. My take on some of the ads :
  • Blue 'bled' at 1 for 1 !
  • At Goa & watching i20 ad, on a beach-setting - highlighting the connection only.  
  • Also, at a beach - liquor ad continue to be aired during world cup matches :(
  • Pepsi ad different, as usual ! But suggest 'bio-breaks' :) Bhajake aana is cool ! But with politics in the cricket, we may get 'bajoed'.
  • Ranbir 'on' air for Pepsi, the hero is now 'under water' for Hero Motors!
  • Celebrity endorsements featuring Ranbir bordering over-exposure ? I guess, yes...
  • Another liquor brand featuring SRK & Saif aired - I always wondered why do such big stars endorse liquor brands? And, how can those ads be aired during such hugely popular cricket telecast, target audience being entire family (sadly)? Can BCCI not avoid the the dollars through 'liquor-dollars'?  Can the media & media-related authorities take responsibility?
  • Another real star, Yuvi, makes huge impact on the field. Great effort by him... Inspiring stuff. 
  • Yuvi re-appearing on Birla Sun Life ad looks more acceptable now, after he started playing & getting back to his old self. (But the TVC aired during his treatment was in poor taste). ‘jab tak balla chal raha hai….’ Is pregnant with meaning!
Sadly, one of the best TVC's are not on Star Cricket: JOY OF GIVING (, with a beautiful sound-track! Reminds the melody of early 1980's, esp from greats like Ilayaraja. Needless to add, a wonderful cause. 

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