Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bangalore & its man-made problems

Spent over a week in Bangalore.

Bangalore was warm, and less green & clean.  

The hot topic on local press was the garbage disposal crisis! (how we create crisis?!) And it was all blame-game, people blaming administration, & admin giving feeble excuses!
    The citizen was not taking responsibility – of segregating garbage and disposing it efficiently. (One early morning, on my morning walk, I was glad to see a couple-friends stepping out of their home with their garbage, to put them on the garbage truck! If only every one in B’lorean was as responsible…. 
    Administration was blaming lack of infrastructure to collect & dispose – I wonder, they are failing in their fundamental duty, having not planned and ensured.

Bangalore deserves to be a lot cleaner & greener. And it is collective responsibility of every individual resident of Blore & administration. 

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