Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Salt & Pepper Malayalam Movie

Recently, I did try to watch couple of movies, in the languages I can understand. Nothing great had come up, worth the time.  

Onam period had some recent hits on TV channels. But if our movies are usually long, they get unbearably longer during these festive periods, courtesy 'long breaks', adding up to additonal one hour !! I wonder, when the families get together for Onam, will they waste precious time in front of the idiot-box, watching those masala movies ?

But, after a long time got to see a good Mal movie, during Onam, not on TV channel though (so it was a quick 1 hr 40 mts uninterrupted show!)

Most of the mallus I know are foodies. Only the degree varies ! This movie is the story of a passionate-foodie-mallu, who works in archeology dept and sports an Egyptian pendant ! Simple story and well-executed. The lead role is surely mallu-food :) There is a touch of simplicity about the movie  which is actually the soul of being mallu ! ( But these days, we seem to be drifting away from that to flashy consumerism, with all its ills)

Glad such movies are still being made & getting popular too...

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