Thursday, September 27, 2012

Selfish at Goa

Wednesday - 26th Sept:

A good night’s sleep, now fully ‘acclimatized’ to Goa!

Is it Wednesday or Thursday’? That was one of the first questions to arise, very early in the morning. As though it had any relevance!

A new day…  to learn, un-learn, re-learn.

Morning walks have always been great. But in Goa, with all greenery around, it has been truly therapeutic. Different species of birds, flying around and making different sounds, add to the experience. No wonder Tansen got some initial ‘training’, imitating birds & animals in the forest, before a master picked him up.

Beach - early morning or late evening.. is a breath-taking sight. The vastness of the sea is mind blowing.

As I walked past ‘Jiva’, a girl picking up flowers into a basket hanging on her hand, was a different visual effect. As PG Wodehouse would put it, the girl went about her task of plucking flowers with total disregard to the world around.  

But the male staff I ran into gave me attention more than required. They were surprised to see me with a twig in my hand and bending several times during my  not so ‘brisk’ walk!

As I stepped out, on the concrete path, I found several earthworms in their ‘existential’ struggle. They were on concrete, which was alien territory. Ants were attacking them. Passing golf carts & Homo sapiens were crushing them! They were being picked up for breakfast by the numerous, colorful birds.

As I went about saving few earthworms, a crow came closer to observe me, surely not amused. ( chk out photo attached)

‘Take time to look around… it is too short a day to be selfish’ – Anonymous

I was not being selfless. I was being selfish. By saving few earthworms, I would have compensated a fraction of pollution I am adding to environment in this truly exotic Goa! I surely felt nice, saving few earthworms.

‘Make haste in doing good…’ Dhammapada ( Sacred Space/Speaking Tree – Today’s  Times of India)

A new, beautiful twist to this stay @ Goa J


Crow watcing!

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