Monday, September 3, 2012

Steve Jobs' biography

I had picked up an e-copy (Kindle) of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson as soon as it was released.

Though experts advise to read autobiographies/biographies, I have not read many. ( Bapu's My Experiments with Truth remains one of my all time favourites from that category. Plan to read again soon!)

I picked up Isaacson's book because of my admiration for what Steve had achieved & the legacy he has left behind. Apple products & iTunes remain most inspiring innovation of our times.

I read the book for sometime, at my own (snail's!) pace, then kept aside to pick up some other books. Often I tend to delay reading my own books....!! Having moved back to India recently and joined (a library, franchisee-model), I was trying to pick up different types of books. If books were cheap in India compared to other markets, such libraries made reading cheaper! 

Then I found the book (hard copy, not a paper-back) at a friend's place, in Mumbai. Though I wanted to check if he has read the book, somehow did not get a chance to enquire. I remembered I had still not read the book myself. Decided to pick up the Kindle yet again.

Read his interaction with Disney (Eisner), creation of Pixar, return to Apple and his relationship with family/others. Quite an interesting guy. I am sure, some of the earlier creative-geniuses were 'different', like Steve. A case study based on the book would be a great idea too. 

All my friends, esp those in professional career, this book is strongly recommended. MUST READ, for various reasons....

Happy Reading !

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