Thursday, September 27, 2012

World Tourism Day Greetings from Goa

Today is World Tourism Day!! And, I am at Goa, one of India’s best tourist spots. And, in my own, small way, I am trying to be a responsible tourist, as always, by avoiding wastage or water/power, sensitive to flora & fauna, minimise plastcis, etc. (afterall, 'boond, boond...')

Going up the corporate-ladder, very early in my carrier, I fancied my opportunity to get into a league where I could stay top 5 Star hotels. To enjoy the the basic facilities only, not to experience the luxury, often unnecessary freebies for a business traveler. But when I reached there, I was very conscious about environment & my responsibility, holistically. So, one of the things I looked forward at top hotels, bath-tubs, became a strict no-no :( But, not regrets at all. Afterall, it was a personal choice and felt good to be environmentally-sensitive. 

This morning, as I stepped out for my morning walk, I was surprised to observe no earthworm on the concrete path! I thought they had 'conspired' to prevent me the opportunity to save them J

As I went for a longer stretch, I reached the south-eastern corner of the property, where I found few on the road. But, that stretch was not concrete and less frequented, so less threatening to their lives.  Sadly I discovered I was actually hurting some earthworms while trying to save them :(

May be hotel should take up the project to save earth-worms, just as they manage the plants so well. 

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