Monday, October 15, 2012

A “Magic Bullet” for Healthcare Costs | LinkedIn

Here is an important thought from a doctor, that too from world-famous Cleveland Clinic:
  • It is estimated that 75% of the $2.7 trillion the United States spends on healthcare annually goes to treat diseases that are almost entirely preventable
  • Most were smokers, or overweight, or sedentary, or some combination of those three.
We have conveniently forgotten 'Health is Wealth', as we chase 'wealth', in the form of financial independence. But being truly wealthy means very healthy, else you are just rich, financially.

On health matters, 'Prevention is indeed better than cure'. It may come through 'apple a day...' or through other key ingredients of a healthy & wealthy lifestyle.

For a 'wealthy' life style, one need not be financially rich. 

Solutions for many serious problems are very simple. But then 'common sense & general knowledge' are not common/general!!  More importantly, we just don't translate the awareness to action.

Need to walk the talk !  Let me step out for my evening walk...  :)

Check out the original post from CEO, Cleveland Clinic:
A “Magic Bullet” for Healthcare Costs | LinkedIn

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