Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blog Action Day 2012

My Blog Action Day ( BAD) 2011 was a simple post (but a complicated topic) on 'water'.

Much water has gone into the sea since then, some areas severely flooded on the way, and some other places faced acute shortage. Nature's fury killed many in the flooded areas and many committed suicides in some of the areas facing acute shortages :( 

One way to look at it is 'Malthusian' way or the traditional Indian Karma theory, or scientifically sheer impact of climate change.

Two states in Indian Republic are fighting over water, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu !!

To summarise, people are fighting over water, at individual levels & beyond.

I am wondering what should I post for B-A-D 2012. Deliberately hyphenated. Somehow not comfortable with a negative connotation of the abbreviated 'BAD'. It should be 'GOOD' or 'HOPE' :)

This being a global event, don't want to restrict to any local issues. At a global level, what are the prominent issues? 
  1. Credit crunch & all the resulting problems, esp unemployment. Politicians & administrators are unable to take affirmative actions to get economies back on track. Politicians are no longer synonymous with Leadership. We badly need mass leaders like Gandhi ji.Of course, we need to ensure we get the right leaders at all levels to represent us. We have a responsible role to play.
  2. Impact of climate change. Like an ostrich, the world continue to try to avoid the responsibility
  3. Population Vs Food produced. We just do not have enough food to feed 7 billion plus inhabitants of the earth. Some of the societies are getting affluent means more non-vegetarian food (with its impact on climate change), increasing wastage of food,  disparity of income distribution, etc. We just need to be more empathetic to people around us.
  4. I can go on & on... But the biggest challenge our society is facing today is none of the above. Let us pause for a moment and try to think of the essence of all problems. The source of all problems. It is drop in morality in society - society comprises of us, individuals. The buck stops with each one of us... ME! 

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